How to Get Clients as a Virtual Assistant

Even when you’re an established virtual assistant with an excellent reputation, getting new clients can be difficult.

If you’re just starting out in the industry, it is harder still.

Either way though, the work is out there, you just need to find it!

While some work may come to you by way of recommendation, for the most part, you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort to get the word out there to prove your abilities and let the world know you’re available to help.

The key is to promote your business in as many ways as possible in order to reach the largest audience.

Here are our top ideas for ensuring you’re never short on clients for your virtual assistant business…

Have an excellent website

The first port of call for most people searching for good or services is Google.

You’re going to be at a huge advantage if you have a high-ranking website that clearly lists all the services you offer.

A website with a modern, eye-catching design that is professional and error-free.

According to research, the average time spent on a website is just 45 seconds, so make sure you’re putting across your message prominently so it can be understood at a glance.

It may also be wise to invest in the promotion of your website through an advertising program, or by hiring the skills of an SEO professional.

Be active on social media

Social media is also a great way to advertise your business.

Target all channels, particularly those with a more professional focus such as Linked In.

Keep your content relevant and useful. Regular but not too frequent.

You need to keep your followers interested and aware of your services without making them feel they’re being spammed with advertising.

Keep in touch with previous clients

When a client no longer requires your services, it’s a good idea to keep in touch with them.

You never know when they may need a virtual assistant in the future or know someone else who does.

Dropping them an occasional message, perhaps alongside holiday greetings, can serve as a reminder of all you have to offer, and let them know that you are still in business and have availability.

Ask clients for reviews

You know you’re an amazing virtual assistant, but your word doesn’t mean a lot when you’re recommending your own business!

However, a few words from a previous or current client will speak volumes.

Seeking out reviews is well worth it, and if you’ve served a client well, they will surely spare a couple of minutes to leave you a review.

If they post a review via an online platform such as Trustpilot or Google, if it’s particularly glowing, don’t forget you can take the text and add it to your website too.

Seek out partnerships

If you know anyone who works in a business that could be complementary to your own, you could reach out to discuss a partnership whereby you recommend each other’s services.

This could be anything from accountants and lawyers to web designers and social media experts.

Having a list of recommended professionals in various industries that you trust can be a valuable asset, and it could also result in further clients for yourself.

Keep your skills up to date 

The virtual assistant industry is competitive, so it’s important to keep your skillset fresh and updated.

If you offer social media services, you’ll need to be on top of the latest trends and developments.

For admin tasks, you should ensure your knowledge of the latest software is up to date.

Keep learning, and you can offer extra services that perhaps your competitors can’t!

Respond quickly

Set your email and message notifications to alert you as soon as they arrive.

A potential client may contact several potential virtual assistants, and if you can reply quickly, you’ll appear efficient and attentive.

But, be sure to double-check your replies to ensure they’re professional and free from errors.

No one wants a virtual assistant who makes mistakes, so don’t start out on the wrong foot with a spelling or grammar error in your correspondence!

Don’t overlook local advertising

With this being a global industry, it can be easy to overlook your local area.

Of course, online advertising is vital, but there may also be people searching for your services right there in your home town.

So don’t dismiss advertising in the local press.

Spread the word via friends and family and ensure you always have some smart business cards with you. You never know who you might meet with an interest in hiring a virtual assistant.

Network with other virtual assistants

Don’t think of other virtual assistants as competition, but rather as allies.

Sharing knowledge and tips can be invaluable. Being a virtual assistant can be a lonely profession at times so having a network of contacts in the same industry will make you feel as if you’re not alone when there’s someone there to offer advice and support.

In addition, it offers a great opportunity to gain extra work. Perhaps you’re approached by a potential client but you’re too busy, or they require niche skills that you don’t specialize in.

It reflects well on your business if you are not simply saying no, but you’re also solving their problem by recommending another virtual assistant for them. In return, other virtual assistants may recommend your services.

Join a freelance marketplace

If you’re struggling to get clients through your own efforts, then you could consider advertising your services through a third party such as a freelance marketplace.

You’ll benefit from the throughput of clients looking for virtual assistant services, as well as the platform’s rating system as you build your reputation through highly rated reviews.

Be on the ball and check the job listings regularly. Sometimes clients will make a hire very quickly, so ensure your application is in fast.

You’ll pay a commission, and you may have to pay to apply for jobs, but it can be a superb way to get your business established.

Explore every avenue

When it comes to promoting your virtual assistant business, it is wise not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Just because advertising on social media worked well for you last month, doesn’t mean it will necessarily stay that way.

Keep researching, keep putting in the effort, and explore new ways to advertise your services.

If you spread your net wide, you’re more likely to catch that next great client!

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