Advanced Virtual Assistant Course

virtual assistant certification advanced course

Course Last Updated: March 2024

Here's What You'll Learn in Our Advanced Course

Unit One - Introduction to Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Our virtual assistant certification course begins with exploring what it takes to become a virtual assistant, and the qualities that will help you succeed. By the end of this unit you’ll have a thorough understanding of what a virtual assistant does, and begin thinking about what aspect of this role interests you the most.

virtual assistant certification unit 1

Unit Two - Essential Soft Skills for Virtual Assistants

This unit explores the important skills that every virtual assistant needs to excel in their career. It focuses on the soft skills required to become an exceptional virtual assistant in any role or industry.

virtual assistant certification unit 2

Unit Three - Essential Hard Skills for Virtual Assistants

A week in the life of a virtual assistant can involve a range of different tasks, and this unit strives to prepare you for some of the more common tasks you may be asked to complete.

virtual assistant certification unit 3

Unit Four - Getting Clients as a Virtual Assistant

There are a number of ways to attract clients as a virtual assistant, from freelance platforms, to cold outreach, to networking and referrals. We cover the most effective ways to get a steady stream of clients.

virtual assistant certification unit 4

Unit Five - Optimizing Your Digital Presence and Personal Branding

For virtual assistants personal branding and maintaining a strong digital presence will ensure you stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of virtual assistants competing for jobs, and a virtual assistant certification coupled with a strong online presence will lead to a steady stream of jobs.

virtual assistant certification unit 5

Unit Six -Tools and Technology for Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistants main tools is their laptop, and a WIFI connection, so it goes without saying that an in-depth understanding of the various tools and technology you’ll encounter as a virtual assistant is an important part of any training course.

virtual assistant certification unit 6

Unit Seven - Specialized Services in Virtual Assistance

virtual assistant certification unit 7

Unit Eight - Health and Wellness for Remote Workers

Working from home can have it’s challenges, no matter the industry you work in. Being a virtual assistant means you work remotely, from a desk, with little in-person interaction with colleagues. In Unit Eight we teach tips & tricks to manage this challenge.

virtual assistant certification unit 8

Unit Nine - Continuing Education and Professional Development

It’s important to stay up to date with industry trends, technology, and tools. The virtual assistance industry is fast moving and making a plan for ongoing learning and development will ensure you stay in demand as a virtual assistant.

virtual assistant certification unit 9

Unit Ten - Frequently Asked Questions

The final unit covers all the nitty-gritty questions you may have about becoming, and thriving, as a virtual assistant. We use real questions from our past students and provide in depth answers and guidance. This section is updated frequently with the latest questions we are receiving.

virtual assistant certification unit 10

Quick & Easy Online Exam

Once you’ve completed the units, you’ll sit a quick and easy online exam to get your virtual assistant certification. This qualifies you as a Certified Virtual Assistant Professional (CVAP).
virtual assistant certificate

Advanced Virtual Assistant Course Summary

Who it’s aimed at

For people wanting extra skills to stand out for the crowd and to become eligible for more jobs with a wider range of skills, we recommend considering the Advanced Virtual Assistant certification course. This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced virtual assistants, and contains four additional units of learning. 

Length of course

Our Advanced Course contains all the content available in the Professional Course, but has an additional four units adding approximately 1 – 2 weeks onto the course duration when studied part time.


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